To The Curious; Proceed.

To The Curious; Proceed.

Sara Börje Ramberg09/11/2020

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to create distance between people and places, the art collective TAILS has initiated a new project with hope of making unexpected collaborations possible and bringing artists together while being physically apart.

To The Curious; Proceed started as an email chain. Today the exhibition has presented nine artists from
all around the world. Every week a different body of work from the artists contributing to the chain is presented on TAILS digital platform, This week we will meet Swedish artist, Theodore Trottner, who is the last artist exhibited from the chain. The final result of the exhibition will first be accessible after all artists and works has been presented.

Kobolt has spoken to curators Jasmina Saric and Sofia Jonsson about their current project -

Who are TAILS?
TAILS is an art collective founded in 2018. It started with Amsterdam-based artist Philip Ullman reaching out to Stockholm-based curator Sofia Jonsson. The start of it all came from a longing to work together, to create a common space to discuss and raise questions that occupied our minds. It was also a longing to bridge the gap between the artistic and curatorial practices. Croatian curator Jasmina Saric and Amsterdam-based artist Josefina Anjou were invited. The start of the collective was a constant and regular dialogue. Once a week, we could talk on Skype, this was long before Zoom. We would talk about whatever we might have read earlier in the week, interesting exhibition formats that we had thought about. A lot of the conversations circulated around concepts that were treated in our own practices; notions of truths and realities and the human relation to said notions.